19 September 2008

I'll show you the money!

Candidates had no answers for the Priority One audience at Bay Court in Tauranga this week. Colour me surprised to find that all five just kept to the usual platitudes.

They promise growth and infrastructure for Tauranga of course, but without a whisper of how to pay for it. Well, why would they campaign for more debt? Unless they are standing for National...

Huge global financial companies are toppling one after another, the world economy is going down the gurgler, and none of the parties in or out of Parliament will face up to what is really wrong. None but Democrats for social credit (DSC), that is. And what is wrong? Debt, greed and more leveraged debt.

DSC has the mechanism to free New Zealand from the world's financial turmoil. And more specifically, we can provide cities like Tauranga with sustainable growth, fully funded public transport, education, health and a clean green environment. But not under the present, very dodgy economic system.

Currently, for Tauranga to have the infrastructure to cope with a huge projected growth in the next few decades, the usury attached to commercial finance will mean paying for each project two and three times over, a debt burden that will enslave generations to come. Rates will go up, prices will go up, businesses will go under and everyone loses.

DSC has an alternative - create the credit needed for public works, at cost (less than 1%), by using our own Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Unlike the privately-owned Federal Reserve (USA), The RBNZ is owned by you and me. Why pay billions of dollars a year in interest to overseas banks when we could be running our own money supply?

No currency exchange costs, no interest, no ties to rocky overseas banking interests - just the good old Kiwi dollar created and spent the way we want it! Rates will go down, prices will go down, business will thrive because people will have more money to spend, and everyone wins.

What's that whine in the corner? "We won't attract foreign investment" you say? We need foreign investors buying our houses, our farms and our companies like we need a hole in the head. Since when did those greed merchants ever put any money into actual production?

If I am elected to Parliament as the member for Tauranga, I'll show you the money: Community credit from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Choose real domocracy. Choose real freedom. Choose Democrats for social credit.

BTW, this was authorised by Mark Atkin, 5 Tarras Grove, Lower Hutt.

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